My fence, Argus has offered me double the loot on a rare gem called:"The Gem of the Lost Souls". It is one of the most valuable gems in history, but no one has seen it for a couple hundred years, so finding it won't be easy. Argus, and a couple of other fence's have chewed on the vine for a long time telling stories of the old" Black Raven Cemetary" on the other side of SouthQuarter. It used to be open to the public, but an earthquake blocked off the entrance which was set in a lowland area. The old Caretaker, probably dead now,since he would have had no way to feed himself, although no one knows for sure. Mr.Malcom Rundy, an old hermit type, who didn't care to be around city folk much, and for that matter anyone...

T1 Gold: Dead Night TG rev v1.2
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