Garrett has just Left the Bafford Estate with his newly aquired "The Dead Maker" Sword after returning to free Cutty from the Hammerites. Bafford left a Journal in his library naming Sir Freddie M as His Heir to the Kingdom of Chaldin. Sir Freddie M was the Kings First knight, and is fearless in battle. He also holds an interesting collection of Artifacts! In the small community of Derigan and in the Kingdom of Chaldin Evil once again has risen to it's ugliest measure. The Hammerites have abandoned their Cathedral... a plague of Monsterizm is rampant. The local people are being consumed by an uncurable disease of Zombieizm. Something, or should we say Someone is responsible for scaring away the Hammerites,and Garrett may be able to figure it all out. In the mean time, a short visit hopefully may answer some questions, and maybe even fill pockets. Two small jobs back to back in one night is Childs Play for a Master Thief, whom only the Darkness can see.

T1 Gold: Castle of the Dead - Revised
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