This addon allows you to control the jumping height the same way Super Mario games allows you to (by holding Jump). It also allows you to stomp enemies. Tested in GZDoom 3.5.0

Super Mario Agilities [1.1]
Someone64 - - 26 comments

Wow this is awesome! I'd highly recommend you share this on the ZDoom forums (unless you already have) and I'd like to suggest the stomp damage to be an adjustable option.

Also, this mod conflicts with High Noon Drifter's movement and only follows its jumping rules when you hold space to bunny hop after your first jump (which uses High Noon Drifter's jump).

MAJOR bug: In Golden Souls 2 you can't jump at all when you're standing on the water in the first level.

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Z00L Author
Z00L - - 393 comments

Yeah, my addon overwrites jumping entirely... I've fixed the water issue though, and added a slider to set the stomping damage.

Thanks for reporting the issue!

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Someone64 - - 26 comments

Well, that's the thing. I WANT it to overwrite jumping but High Noon Drifter's jump is the one overwriting this mod's jumping. If you check the options menu you can see it modifies such things as jumping height, movement speed, etc.

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Guest - - 698,716 comments

I played this with a Super Mario Doom Map
Just like Super Mario Doom

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Guest - - 698,716 comments

For some Reason when I try to load Doom up with this mod in ZDoom, it tells me this: "Script error, "SuperMarioAgilities.pk3:decorate.txt" line 41
Expected 'J', got ',' "

Do you know why this happens?

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Nick357r - - 112 comments

Probably cuz you need a newer version of GZDoom, I would get weird errors like that when loading a certain mod with wrong version of GZDoom.

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lelikcr - - 40 comments

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tokdmvlad - - 275 comments

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