My 2nd map, Stormy Ascent. It is about climbing to the top of the castle and killing the activator. There are 4 end rooms which are Old, Sniper, Knife and Bounce. The activator has only 6 traps since I feel that nowadays activators do not activate much or give Free. Instead activator has a secret room in which he can earn xp. The jumpers still have a hard time climbing the castle since there is a lot of platforming, and timing jumps correctly. There is also a jumper secret which is based on some codjumper maps. Please leave any feedback or report bugs in the comments or add me on Steam: Gabb, Bnet: Gabb#2215 or PM on the FNRP-Forums. If you don't like it please state why. Last Updated: 27/07/16 Bugs fixed: -Old Room -Acti Secret -People falling from secret.

[UPDATED]Stormy Ascent
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