Stalker Reanimation Project 2 port for Call of the Zone is reanimating the original Call of the Zone weapons.

SRAP2 for Call of the Zone v2 [CotZ 1.2]

I noticed that the Protecta's reload speed is significantly-slowed down for the player. Will this also affect NPCs armed with the Protecta?

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Sanctuary Author

It should be the same for both player and NPC as they share the same animations.
But note that you can interrupt your protecta reloading at anytime so you can start to shoot even without having fully reloaded it.
I have no idea if the NPC is able to do that.

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please make version with sounds because it gets confusing when the sounds are off sync please

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I tested this mod in my game and i like it, but i have noticed some issues

- The SPAS-12 animation looks very bad, especially if you use the shotgun in full-auto.
- The sounds are off-sync when the reload animation plays.

Outside of that details, it's a really good mod.

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Sanctuary Author

good points, for the SPAS12 in full auto unfortunately i can't do anything as it's how KingFriday (the original COP addon animator) decided it should be and i unfortunately am clueless at animating stalker models.
But for the sounds and out of sync, the addon is now updated to

version v2
unfortunately several reloading animation were out of sync with the default sounds
re-implemented the SRAP2 sounds to fix that problem
re-implemented the SRAP2 knife animation
added optional original knife animation (was the one from version v1)
added optional COTZ shots sounds (so if you don't like the SRAP shot sounds you can get back to the CotZ ones that were used in v1, don't worry the reloading is still working correctly in sync)
fixed a bug with the gauss not correctly oriented if not playing in 16:9 resolution

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