Square is simple, small, but furiously intense. Your team are dead and you have to make your way back to the NPC, so you stock up on ammo and make your way to the main square. You can see the NPC awaiting you on the other side, but moments later there are emergence holes popping up everywhere and you find yourself under heavy fire. Cover is in short supply, and the lack of the Lancer gun means that you're really going to have to pull off some accurate headshots with the Pistol or wait until the Locust come close and take them out with the Shotgun. It's not the easiest of the maps reviewed here, and the fact that Gears of War isn't particularly stellar in the close combat department means that unless you're a big fan of the style of gameplay, you'll likely get bored (well, annoyed) pretty quickly. However for the rest of us, it's a nice all be it short blastfest.

Square by Zackis
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