skcclan(updated version). New skin, unchanged model. SKC - Scientist Killing Club - Place the skcclan files in a folder called skc in the \sierra\half-life\valve\models\player folder. The .mdl file is the model you will see during play. The .bmp file is necessary for the model to be selectable via the launcher interface. For a player model to be visible to all clients playing, it must be installed on the server for it to propogate to all playing clients. When a model is downloaded from the game server, it does not download the .bmp file necessary for selecting the model in the interface: models must be deliberately installed by the player. This skin is on the counterstrike counterterrorist model, but the animations are fine for use with normal HL deathmatch/teamplay. It looks a bit weird when youre using the egon gun though, but it makes up for that by looking really cool with the pistol :) I like the brown camo on most

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