this skinpack is specificly for the players of the sith lords clan allthough anyone can use them. These are the skins that never got submitted to jk2files and have since been lost. This includes a darkside menu conversion, hud, many skins and a staff saber. All readme's are in the pk3 and may be reveiwed at your leisure. Please note that some of these skins are over 5 years old and are not my best work or even my work at all. Credit has been given where credit is due. I have excluded certain clan skins because they have further updated versions from the origional time of this files compilation and may be freely found on jk2files. Unfortunatly I don't have the game installed at the moment for screenshots but as I said befor, this is for the clan mainly so don't bitch about it..

Sith Lords Clan Skin pack
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