CTF-Eternal Flame Capture the flag level best played with above 8 players. DM-Nova Fast paced Deathmatch level, best with 6 or above bots. DM-ArenaX Small map, best played with about 3-5 players. As-Offworld Assault Assault map for a HUGE ammount of players! Dm-Tribbion arena Deathmatch for 2- 6 players UNF-Tribbion FortificationV2 Unrealfortress level As-Warehouse Assault map AS-Miningcolony][ Assault map Dm-Chaotix][ Deathmatch map As-Crystal reactor Assault map Ctf-Temple of Misadventure Capture the flag map Dm-Chaotix Deathmatch Map And other basic maps

Sinistral map pack
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