I was contacted by a wizened, grey haired gent who asked me to procure a book for him. Not just any book, he said, but a powerful occult tome called the Necronomicon, by one Abdul Alhazred. He says copies are very rare, particulary as the Hammerites reguard it as blasphemous. Rumours are they have a copy in their stronghold of knowledge, Beggingham Keep, and are bent on destroying all others. Which brings us to an eccentric scholar called Fistral. He reputedly obtained a copy for a high price from a far country, for use in secret experiments. He died along with his wife a while back. No one knows how and locals won't even go near his old place. Recently a party of Hammerities set out to see if they could obtain and destroy the book and raze the house to the ground. They were not heard of again. Which is where I come in. I just need to go in, get the Book, and come out again. I hope it's that simple...

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