SCUM is an experimental game that challenges the player to think their way out of the situation, rather than shoot their way out. SCUM is a narrative game that has infinity replayable, never the same twice although there is a narrative situation that guides the player along. The game plays like an old PC Adventure game where the player has to talk to different characters and make choices to further the narrative. SCUM is different in that everything is randomised from the start of the game. What the player end up with is more like a game of poker than a traditional adventure game. The cards are shuffled at the beginning of the game and from then on it is up to the player to see who is bluffing and weed out those who oppose him. Make Something Unreal Submission: - MSU Phase 4:Best FPS Game Mod - MSU Phase 4:Best Non-FPS Game Mod - MSU Phase 4:Best Art for a Game Mod - MSU Phase 4:Best Graphics in Map

Scum Alpha
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