This only works with Duke 3D v1.3 (ie a non-atomic version of duke3d.grp). The business was gloomy September day. Behind a window the course went crisis of August 17, only to author there was not up to it - he has scalded an hand by boiled water, and on country house the thieves have dug out almost all potato which has been brought up by an excessive transactions and all in such kind. Abiding in the conforming mood, your humble servant will come across a add-on for the game DUKE NUKEM 3D under a title DUKE IT OUT IN D.C. (for those who not in a course, I shall explain, that in this episode Duke res- cue Clinton from paws of the aliens). Also became to me so for the manda- tory power is insulting, that I have decided to create the episode SAVE EBN (I hope, that initials you will decrypt).

Save EBN
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