Updated Version Map has been decreased in size from 69 MB to 48 MB, in order to run on linux servers. - Deleted and replaced (custom) xmodels - Added, removed, edited and re-edited textures - Another way to load ambient sounds This zip file has a extra folder with an optional IWD file for Salvage. ( Oct. 23rd ) CoD4 remake of one of the 1st DLC maps for CoD MW2 : Salvage Lots of textures and models have been converted from MW2 to Cod4 for more realistic gameplay. Spawns and settings are the same as original mw2 map ( except 2 HQ locations and a CTF flag ). Mapsize is enlarged in scale from original map for better and more difficult gameplay ( my poiny of view ). Map size: Medium Game type: DM, TDM, SD, HQ, DOM, SAB, CTF, CTFb

Salvage ( CoD4 ) Final
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