While checking the thousands of of models for the WORGA terror team i even found some of the rare russian military troops. They fit perfectly good as opposite force - enjoy! P.S.: There are also additional models in the folder for replacing cached admins! P.S.2: Im now having over 500 of definitively working CZ models and already work on additional teams like robocop + swat or jihad terrorists + predators and another necromonsters plus more - stay tuned!

Russian Anti Terror Team Replacement V2
Kaal979 Author

INFO: The preview picture was made by using the print button with the
Halflife Model Viewer on desktop and pasting the shots in my Microsoft
Picture-It photo editor. After arranging all four into one JPEG i used
GIMPs colour select function and after inverting and copying i selected
the entire picture and deleted this layer to have the background
transparent for inserting the copied figures and saving in PNG format.
That made it easy to darken and desaturate the background colour and
brighten and saturate the figures in Picture-It. Then it was necessary
to transparize the unclean borders abit what i also made with the CSZ
logo and the textline which btw also were adjusted and overall abit
transparized. And after saving the collage as one picture and reopening
i switched the sharpen slider to 100 what besides just sharpening
also additionally hid the unclean outlines.

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Kaal979 Author

All working CS gunwielder models i found:
RoboCop - Stroggs - Terminators and many more!

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Kaal979 Author

Best Mouse Commands:

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