After escaping Black Mesa you find a strange looking penthouse atop a hill seemingly miles away from civilisation among a rocky mountain top. You have no choice but to enter after being exhausted from the trip.

Ruled by Insanity
TheUnbeholden Author

Its one map, its nothing to excited over. It may have been for a contest but I have to judge it like I would judge a mod. Its so short even for one map, we get a recycled scene from hl where the vent gets shot up with holes. We get a very small penthouse (even for a penthouse) and a large group of grunts to kill. We start just outside a short cliff where grunts magically spawn after getting into a secret supply stash.
Theres nothing else to say so I would say its probably not worth looking into if your looking for a mod, but if you’re looking for a map then I suppose its ok.

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