Those two maps were originally built for private use by me and a few friends (which explains the weird file-names and some other things), who still play JK3 SP. I chose to release them now, because sadly my new computer won't run JK3 (and quite a few other old games, for that matter). By typing "playermodel starter_light", each of your player character's force powers will be adjusted to the level I think works best to make for an exiting experience. The first map, Atlantis_Final, takes place in an ancient-greece-themed environment. There'll be passages where you will have to cross long distances under water. Force Speed helps you minimise the damage sustained from being without air for too long. The second map, Traum_final, will have you explore ancient catacombs, before you make your way through a small village and journey to the top of an enormous ziggurat. I know that these maps are far from perfect, But i didn't want to depart from the Jedi Knight community without releasing one

Ruins of Atlantis + Sumerian Ziggurat
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