Times are hard. The incident in Peteroski did not help. I should have known better than to trust Iron, but he paid for it. The unfortunate side effect is that I am here, in this village of Winterhelm, the laughing stock of the whole county and stuck here with not an iota of help, and out of cash. I need my reputation to be spotless, and lucklily, someone is available to provide for it. Apparently there is a local noble by the name of Theron who is the devil on everyone's lips, he is not well liked. Rumour has it the he is a drug baron of sorts, the caves under the village are stocked with the mushroom nocturnis, which makes an extremely strong liquor once distilled which is also narcotic. He owns the constabulary and is apparently making a very tidy profit, enough to buy a few sacred treasures. After, well, let us say persuading a former servant who was ejected I have a rough idea of the layout of the manor, and the goods that are contained within...

Rogue's Honour
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