This was my very first map. I designed it mostly for full matches but it isnt bad for just a few players. I have had great responses from all that have played it and they have enjoyed the details. UFLL defends the castle and APR are the invaders. APR is based mainly in the cliff and river areas. Each team has equal access to the highest points of the map for sniping vantage points. The castle is harder to get into to steal the UFLL diamond but is easier to get out. It is harder to get away with the APR diamond than it is to get a hold of it, which evens the CTD matches. Team matches and Death matches are excelent because you do not know where an opposing team member or enemy might be. He could be high or low, close or far and the distance makes it that much more intense. It gives you a feeling of being watched at all times and you have to be sneeky when moving and yet cover alot of ground. There isnt a lot of places on this map you cant go.

Robert Thetford
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