A set of 9 single player levels. Requires Zdoom.

Return to Hell

Not bad. Level design-wise, the first impression I've had is that the levels are a mish-mash of elements, mixed together pizza style; no real coherent ambience/mood for the levels. Also, I've experienced missing textures on various environmental items, such as sides of doors, crates, etc. Still, the levels are fairly sizeable. I've used only the returntohellv2.wad, loaded it in ZDL without Freedoom, not sure if this matters, but maybe this is why I've had some missing textures. Overall 6/10. It's a solid start, keep it up! Your next wad will likely turn out awesome.

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Skunkbear Author

Thanks for playing! Regarding the textures, I just tried it out and you're right. For some reason, they appear fine with Freedoom, and fine when using the Doom 2 wad within the Doom Builder 2 testing mode, but when loaded with Zdoom without Freedoom and just normal Doom 2 quite a few are missing and appear as a weird grey checkered box texture. I'm not sure why this is, but I guess until I find a solution for this the wad will have to be played with Freedoom for them to appear correctly (which is unfortunate). Thanks for pointing this out though.

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Thanks for your reply! And no problem, glad I helped in spotting a minor flaw. Also, on a side note: I found it best to use a custom music wad when playing this. The default DOOM II music weren't very fitting for your levels, so if anything, touching it up with a fitting music will more than likely perk your wad up a notch.

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