isten up.. we have recieved an emergency call from an adult female, Mrs. Linda Foreman, who is currently in a witness protection program. Details are sketchy at this time as the line got cut off during the call. We were able to trace the call and verify it is the Foreman household and Mrs Foreman was able to give us some information before the line was cut. The limited information we did receieve was that there are atleast 5 armed suspects wearing camo with what Mrs Foreman described as "M16's.. like you see on the TV." for weapons. She said they had recieved an unsolicited TV repair call and while the repair man kept her and her husband busy the others entered through the rear of the house. She started to say something about a man wearing an army officer's uniform with lots of medals, we can only assume this is General Hathaway, who is still wanted in connection with many unsolved cases. We haven't recieved any phone calls from these guys yet with their demands...

Residential Siege
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