FFA map by Master Jed: "Reise Rei/se is actually my very first official released DM map for Quake 3. Clean industrial universe with lots of orange and cell-shading. The layout of this map was originally planned for a Speedmap on Map-Center, but a virus came up an hour before the spped mapping began, so by the time to clean up the computer, the speedmapping session was over. I had planned the orange look since the very beginning. the Idea came up as I was looking at Rammstein's album "Reise reise", and said to myself "if they can do an album cover with only white and orange, it would be fun to do a map with the same colours. so I did. The Image from Rei Ayanami (From Evangelion) came up when I was devlloping the map and it's natural orange colour fitted right in :D"

Reise Rei/se (mjdm2)
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