You are Nicolas Freeman, you have to escape red mesa from soldiers, aliens and zombies...

Red Mesa 1 : Remastered
Qwertyus - - 2,555 comments

Lol, what exactly has been remastered?

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What_username7 Author
What_username7 - - 36 comments


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monster_urby - - 3,059 comments

Having played through the maps, while some parts are a definite improvement over the original, there are some sections which still need a lot of work. The vast interior brick corridors leading up to the rocket launch, large sections of the space base and all of the exterior desert sections are majorly lacking in detail.

There are also some design choices unique to this remake that were odd. Chainlink fences that neither the player nor enemies can shoot through. There was also a section where I had to blow a hole in a cliff with no visual indication at all and finally there was a keycard in the warehouse that I didn't even know I needed (level progression issue, show the locked path FIRST) and I didn't know I'd picked up (conveyance issue, add a sound / message)

The real question is, why remaster Red Mesa of all things? I played the original some time back and recall it being really quite terrible by 2003 standards, let alone today's.

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Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

I first played the original version of the red mesa and then in the remaster, I liked how you improved the maps but at the same time they remained recognizable, I hope that you will remaster already 2 parts red mess!

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HAPE_B - - 52 comments

This Remaster is alright, The only issue i had was with a scientist failing to perform a door opening sequence. Also you should tone it down with the explosive crates, thier conveniently placed close to mobs of enemies and the blast radius for some of them is way too big.

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ChrisThacoolguy - - 137 comments

Hey OG Red Mesa Remake Guy Here. Why was your mod in my game? just saying, Not mad.

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What_username7 Author
What_username7 - - 36 comments

Because I'm not clear about moddb's rules, sorry

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