This is an optional ENB shader for MB Warband, MB WFaS, and CoD2, I use this with my mods, I think it looks cool in Mount & Blade, however it was created for CS:S. The textures are a little bit faded, but in a realistic way - good by for paint 12bit blue ingame! Install: unzip the files into the GAME folder. To switch on/off, press: Shift+ F12

Realism ENB shaders for Ivanhoe mods
Namegen - - 4,713 comments

honestly, this shader makes night battles way to gray for my tastes.

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ivanhoe95 Author
ivanhoe95 - - 926 comments

There's still an option to switch it off at night ;) - but it is also optional. And for final reply, here comes my favourite M&B line: Your objection is noted, fall back in line!

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Heorl_256 - - 1,103 comments

It's everything I need!Thank's ivanhoe

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