Pega6us wanted my help making a revolutionary mod, it makes the gameplay completely random, and should work with any map. *THIS IS NOT FINISHED YET!!!

Random Ver0.4

This mod is awesome ..ill make a video soon about it ..
If you take suggestions ..
A mission where you protect an area or an npc ,one where you need to survive water rising with fire suddenly spreading ..
One being reaching the end in a certain amount of time..
One could be to sneak through without detection (thats one of the hardest ones cause it'd need a special ai system ) could make the whole map dark as hell and give you only a pistol and flashlight ..
One could be to not kill anyone and reach the goal ..
One could say :" you got drugged..survive" then the screen gets all strange or moving ..or the controls do crazy stuff ...

This mod is the perfect opportunity to create something extremely amazing..

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QwertyKing7 Author

I like these ideas a ton. Ill see what I can do about some of them, and if I use one of your ideas ill credit you for sure.

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can you tell me more about htis mod?

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