Random Faces for Men of War Vietnam. needs random texmod script.

Random Texmod : Vietnam Faces
SleepyDoggo - - 122 comments

Are you kidding me? All of the Vietnamese (ARVN, Vietcong and NVA too) have the ARVN soldier face but with darker skin color and the hair doesn't have any details, all of the US soldiers have the U.S. Reporter face which means we still have twin armies. 2/10

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Morpheus__ Author
Morpheus__ - - 605 comments

you forgot to get the random texmod script to randomize the faces

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Guest - - 698,852 comments

But I added the Random Texmod Script...

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SleepyDoggo - - 122 comments

Whoops, forgot to log in. Sorry if the comment was a little rude, I was angry because it wasn't working :P

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