We have already been tired of the Rainbow6 old maps, some of them are too large. We are also tired of the small training Maps, they are too small for the Real fightings. Here we are, Here are some Maps which will be involved in intensive actions. I selected some interesting areas in the Maps and blocked all the entrances. All the team will play in this area. It will cause more actions and kills in the game. Some of the Maps are really like "New" maps. It will involve in new strategy of the game play and totally new feelings in the game. I highly recommand the Map "Water Kill to Die". It is a very good modified maps. If you have good video card, just do yourself a favour and check this Map out. You will like it. You will also have fun in the Maps like "Sky Hall Stairs Dance" and "Villege Hall Battle".

R6 Action Map Pack 1.1
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