Little mod i screwed up. Gives you new gun sounds, minor soundtrack changes, sounds Quake ethical too!

Quake-ish Weapon Sounds

I decided to try this one out, just because of your marvelously written description xD

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SirBarnaby Author

I hope you like it so you get hooked into it and i will never see you again.
jk jk

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Will this mod work with Quake: Arcane Dimensions running under the FTE Quake Launcher? I used this guide:

The install for FTE Launcher is similar to the instructions in your "Eyyyyy.txt" ReadMe file included with your mod, but I don't know how to make them work together. For FTE Arcane Dimentions I renamed \Quake\fteqw.exe" to "fteqw +AD" (AD = Arcane Dimensions) and then changed the Target shortcut (in Properties) to add "-game ad" at the end. So it now looks like:

"D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake\fteqw.exe" -game ad

So do I just add "-game soundsmod" to "\Quake\fteqw.exe" -game ad" to create ("\Quake\fteqw.exe" -game ad -game soundsmod) OR do I need to make another shortcut?

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So I tried my 1st idea, and it actually worked! NO need to make a 2nd shortcut for Arcane Dimensions!

ALSO these weapon sounds are fantastic! I was NOT loving the default AD weapon sounds (they sound kind of wimpy IMO), but this MOD finally makes the weapons sound powerful. The soundtrack was as solid as I remember and the rest of the new item & enemy sounds are great. I approve!

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