Midnight Stalker is a single player map for Quake 1. It originally started out as a concept map, but the initial layout was a lot of fun with plenty of "up and over" routes that it developed into a proper map. The layout is about the monsters being in positions of strength and the player having to adapt to each new situation. Each skill level has different monsters types, in different positions and can be played progressively for a different experience of the map. All weapons, ammo and health are the same on all skill levels. It is assumed the player will be more frugal with ammo/health consumption on higher difficulty settings.

Q1SP - Midnight Stalker

Interesting looking maps, gave a couple a {very} quick try out, look great so far, looking forward to getting into them. They look really good with Epsilon for Quake. Good to see some new sp maps for this classic, bought it with two expansion packs for thirty bucks way back. Still on my current hard drive, with all the mods and levels out there, talk about bang for your buck.

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