☠ One of the most extreme maps ever made.... ☠ A huge and highly detailed map of the famous Tortuga pushing Dunia engine to its limits.... ☠ Play the story online in 6 parts all over Tortuga... ☠ Conquer the town with your enormous and powerfull war ship or defend by any means necessary... ☠Unimited ways to play the map... ☠ Explore the beautiful and realistic world of Tortuga... Make sure you read the "READ FIRST!!IMPORTANT!!!.txt" file before playing!!!

Pirates Wars Conquest of tortuga(map pack)~gEo47~

The most amazing map I EVER saw !!!

You have to see it for yourself - this is just a interactive pirate movie.
The map is huge and splitted up for better gameplay: there is a huge pirate ship, coves, small prison, secret ways, hanged bots, barrels-rolling-down-the-hill-trap/s, skelleton-island, a pirate city.
And everything is realistic as **** & very detailed. As he wrote it's really doesn't feel like the game you knew before. If you are reading this and aren't already downloading go die in a fire^^

Digital Art on a high level. (&fun to play)

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