An Unreal weapon mod. Works with Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Final Doom. Should work with Freedoom, Chex Quest and other Doom engine games too but not tested. v1.1 - Raised the damage of the 8Ball explosion but not the damage radius. It kills a Baron of Hell in 5 direct hits now instead of 10. - Removed the secondary fire mode of the Razor Jack since it was kinda useless in my opinion. - Raised the damage and the damage radius of the secondary Bio Rifle mode drastically. Direct hits still seem to be weak considering how long it takes to fully charge it but don't forget that the secondary is more supposed to be used for laying traps.

Prisoner 849 v1.1

Really cool mod. The guns feel great and look awesome. Thank you for your service sir!

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Compatible con gz doom en android?

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