When the infected swept into the city, hospitals filled in less than a week. The city Cathedral was hastily converted into a shelter for the wounded and homeless. Unfortunately, the infected were breeding in the sewers below and broke through, turning the church into the city’s deadliest hotspot. A full quarantine was put into effect, trapping the humans along with the infected. One month later, the army wants the area cleared of any life. Time to do your job. -Features a cathedral death trap with three floors, each requiring a different strategy. -Dynamic and tense, every skill set will be needed to survive! -1-6 players

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

While there's still time can you rename your map file using the KF- prefix as it's not appearing in the in game map list and needs to be opened via console command.

And fix here as I get stuck.

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vapidboris Author

Thank you! This is my first map, so this is incredibly useful. The part where you got stuck is fixed.

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Is the title related to Serj Tankian?

Just wondering, not important...

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