When I finished playing the singleplayer part, I started testing the multiplayer part. I also installed an level editor, just for fun. With this editor you can build your own missions. I couldn't know that I would be occupied with this editor for a long time. I suddenly wanted to build my own mission - and create my own world. Unfortunately this project was more easily said than done, because the training with the whole topic is very, very hard for a newcomer. There was no suprise as the first enthusiasm was followed by the first depression because there weren't any great results in the first time. In a permanent up and down in the motivation within four years there finally is a result. I did not work all the time, of course. Some time I was very active, other times I took a break. Due to the immense time I shared with the project, I wanted to finish it - and thus I spent again some time to finish it. The result is not perfect. There were still a lot of ideas I wanted to realize.

PHM Headquarters

First level was really good. I hope the author works on more. The second level was, uh, creative.

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