RVinceD's Glendale, Peninsula Campaign, June 30, 1862. *INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS* Copy the Gettysburg folder and rename it. Unzip into the renamed folder with "Use Folder Names" and "Overwrite existing files" checked. Consent if asked to overwrite any read only files. Optional but recommended for purpose of clearer overview: Delete all "Getty" text files except; Getty00, Getty02, Getty05, Getty09, Getty10 and Getty23. Included scenarios are: White Oak Swamp Glendale/Nelson's Farm/Frazier's Farm MalvernCliff/Turkey Bridge Willis Church - Unfortunately absent in the main sequence ! It is suggested to play this scenario as CSA first. The other scenarios can be played with either less or more units set in preferences. Using patch 3 is advised. -> moddb (Sid Meier's Gettysburg -> files) I suggest the "slow rally" option so green troops can come back again rather than disperse. Have 'Show Scenario Introductions' set to see the animated intro screens.

Peninsula Campaign 8 (Seven Days Battles) ~ Glendale
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