Hi everyone! My name is LastBeatZ (a.k.a. dustMENTAL - ingame name) This is my first WarCraft III map. NOTE!!! This is an RPG (Role-Play Game) map! If you don't like this kind of maps, don't read the rest please, so you won't need to write a bad reply because of this reason... Features: -Maximum player's number is 4 (will be upgraded in upcoming versions) -Maximum level is 99 -Medium EXP rate (=you won't be level 99 in a few minutes, it will take more time to enjoy the leveling and work hard on it!) -4 hero types -custom heroes with custom abilities -custom items -3 custom BOSS units wich drop a huge amount of gold -2 shops wich contain unique items -(COMING SOON IN NEXT VERSIONS) item-composing (dota-like) -Level requirement for items! -3 cities: Earthquake City (South-Western/Starter Map/Level 1-25 recommended), Old Castle (South-Eastern/Lv 50 highly recommended) and Empire Remainings (North-Western/Path to Death-Run(Level 40 recommended)

Path Of Warriors v1.9 READ DESCRIPTION 4 DL LINK
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