Ever since I saw the lovely sprites for heretic weapons out there I knew I eventually had to make an enhancement mod for heretic's existing weapons. I then came across the corvus_to_hexen.wad* and loved the way it made heXen more appealing to us heretics! the sprites (I believe by eriance? correct me if wrong) include improved staff, goldwand, hellstaff and phoenix rod! Of course sprites are nothing but pretty pics without code, so I got decorating and the rest is history:

OSJC Heretic mod

i quite like this mod of weapons, its great! :)
the new weapon-sprites look great and their ways of firing are neat :D

however it only seems to work in GZdoom and not zandronum :(
when trying to boot zandronum with it zandronum will instantly lock up during loading with a FATAL ERROR

could you perhaps look into fixing it so itll also work in zandronum?
would love to be able to use it in zandronum in combination with heretic++ and be able to use it for a coop game


also, the additional punch for gauntlets looks kinda odd imo,
cuz the glove doesnt look at all like the original gauntlets

and both staff and gauntlet alt-fire cuts off at side,
could you perhaps look into extending the sprites so they dont cut of when playing at a 16:9 resolution?

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How can I punch with the gloves? Did somebody knows?

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I am the creator of this mod. OSJC latchford. and I did NOT give permission for this to be posted here. It has been pillaged from the zdoom forums without authorisation...

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