Several years ago the Terrans encountered a new enemy. This enemy had outnumbered them, and they were forced to leave the Sol system. After years of fighting, they decided that they needed allies to help them fight this new war. After a few years of searching and several newfound, they encountered a race that had many powerful ships and weapons. This new race, The Chukta, made a promise, that they would fight in this war under one circumstance. The Terrans must first recliam thier old galaxy. The Terrans were told of the dangers. They were told of two entities, the Plague (A varmpiric race capable of infecting others with their taint), and the Nephilim (A mysterious race of giant men possesing miracle like abilities.) The Terrans decided that these entities were of no real throeat and agrreed in this deal. THe Terrans were given numerous resources and multiple crews. They were given a city planet and began their new campaign. Operation: Tau Reclamation.

Operation: Tau Reclamation
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