Here is an old hellborg model that replaces the zombie. Have fun with it.

Old Hellborg Model
Ogdred - - 463 comments

Its quite good , even if its an "old" model.

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✟Brian_Dacote✟ Author
✟Brian_Dacote✟ - - 61 comments

Trippy and I made it together back in early 2012-ish.

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SLeNd3rMaN23 - - 631 comments


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✟Brian_Dacote✟ Author
✟Brian_Dacote✟ - - 61 comments

Indeedy. It was alot of fun to make with the help of my friends. I think I'm going to release the Dan player model soon. I gotta clean him up a bit. His mesh got into a bit of a mess.

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Qweekskowped - - 917 comments

Can I modify this zombie textures and put it in Dank-Life? (My upcoming MLG mod for Half-Life)

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✟Brian_Dacote✟ Author
✟Brian_Dacote✟ - - 61 comments

Ehhhhhh.....Well it's free of use so you don't have to really ask. But sure. Make drastic changes. Make him rainbow coloured or something.

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Sgt.Headcrab - - 76 comments


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