They're all dead. Bullet holes in the walls sticking out, the smell of gunpowder went up to heaven! This is Jake - a new anti-hero, storm monstrous creatures - which survived in spite of everything ... Hunting for TChernobog for immortality was only warm-up before this massacre! Best friend betrays soldier. Together with the murderer they conspired, and his soul went to hell. But the rage that has no borders, will come back to life and make a terrible revenge ... If you endure this way. More than 40 maps, new enemies, worlds beyond the grave, eerie music, open violence and blood ... Remove the screen from the kids! This is an old friend who has returned in a new guise! Since we were doing and PF debugged and a half years, version 2.5 immediately if it were not for Helen, we would have been released around the same time when criticism has burst upon our ears, but the Project has turned out to be worse than the level, and also without the background-episode!

Old Friend V2
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