Version: version2 beta5 (v2b5) This map also has a Bry's ns1.04 compatible version (ns_achio_104a) Game type: Classic Layout: Semi "horizontal" symmetrical: Hallways and some rooms would be slightly different due to being on different levels, it'll try to simulate a true battleship layout. Map class: Serious Size: Large Env_gamma: 1.6 Resnodecount: 12 - 3x Hive based resnode, bacterium lockdown - 1x Weldable resnode - 2x For Doubleres - 6x Troughout map Unique and special features: New gameplay element, Hive based resnode, bacterium lockdown: It takes 16 runtime entities per resnode, this includes the lockdown feature, reset on round end and 2 team based testing loops. With it working, I'm still going to look into making is still function with less entities. however I'm not sure I can lower the amount used... How it works: At the start of a round all bacterium resnozzles are enabled, meaning they can be built on by both teams. However, the aliens have the...


Cool map and what a long and descriped description of the map.


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