Talim. In the old toungue that means, "Where water meets sky." This very spot was the first place that explorers from inland saw the ocean. My parents brought me here when I was still very little. So, I'm afraid I don't remember much before this town. I guess you could call this the poor section. The docks. My father, Oliver, worked for First bank of Talim, savings and loan. My mother, Lucy, worked as a bar maid at the local tavern Unfortunately, the jobs didn't pay very well so my father was forced to take on odd jobs from his boss, Arthur D. Whelch. The jobs paid quite well, and thanks to Arthur we never really had any trouble making the rent on time. My life was very routine then... Although my earlier memories of the place are quite fond, I dislike remembering. For when my mind travels back it ends up inevitably on that fateful summer morning, when my childhood was tainted. Forever.

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