Place folders into Half-life folder. (where is hl.exe /valve/). When, open your hl.exe, and select custom games, No Chance then "New Game". Select difficult what are you want, First time I suggest easy. This map is recreated by Counter-Strike 1.6 Map - dm_mars_chaser. And this map is just for fun. Here you have many game action. Good luck, have fun :)

No Chance
TheUnbeholden Author

Its alright for a single map, the design is quite good on the eyes this urban environment. Possibly better looking than Poke646, but a tad to many oddities to make it last. Respawning crabs/zombies, right in front of you and no signs of teleportation. Just general feeling of being stuck in a box, everywhere you turn there are dead ends, and the obvious route forward is conveniently stuck as well. As a standalone map it does give off a vibe I would have liked to see more of.

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