A night mission based around a Commando raid in Southern France, using the Invasion of Normandy as a premise. Though I did realize it makes no sense considering the map has snow textures :P I'm currently working on a couple of things. 1) Getting the border fog to show up in the map 2) Getting the maps to work in the base game, and not just the editor 3) Aligning the minimap so it's 100% accurate I apologize for my use of the editor instead of the base game. Please note that this IS my first go at scripting things such as objectives, patrols, game conditions and such. This map was more of a learning experience than anything else, so that I can make quality maps in MOW:AS2. Regardless, try to have fun with this map! I hope you enjoy it!

Night Assault

The more you make, the better you will get at it. Good job and keep it up

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MGV_23 Author

Much appreciated mate! BTW, I'm hoping the weather and all of the objectives/messages displayed correctly. I had to redo all of it just before uploading, but I hope it's all good. Anyway, thank you for testing it out :)

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Where's my Green Beret!

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