This only works with Duke 3D v1.3 (ie a non-atomic version of duke3d.grp). The map is designed for Duke Match, but it is still enjoyable just to wander around. Use the cheat "dnkroz" if you want to live. Start the game like this for a nice walk around the map "duke3d -map newworld /q8". This will load the game as a simulated eight player Duke Match game. Then use the cheat andwander around. To climb ladders, walk up close to them, look at their center and "use" them. The use command is also known as "hit space", but you might have changed it, either way, the button you use to open doors with. The item that replaces the holoduke is trigger wire. Once you have it, you can start laying it by using your "holoduke" button. It will be exhausted quickly so keep moving as you lay it. You should be able to run as you do this, I do. I you wish to save the wire, just hit the "holoduke" button to stop laying it. You can drop little amounts of it at a time if you wish just by quickly turning it on

New World 3 TC v1.6
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