The New Hell texture pack expands the Doom 3 Hell theme. It adds many additional walls, trims, floor, ceiling and decal textures to further enhance the default texture set.

New Hell Texture pack for Doom 3
bloodstalker - - 1,077 comments

looks good.keep it up.

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ianna_keeper - - 279 comments

texture res. is 256*256 if anyone wants to know be4 downloading.

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Revility Author
Revility - - 117 comments

the texture res is default D3. A majority of the textures were based off of them. The idea was to try and keep it all consistant with stock d3 assets. All the new stuff should blend in with the originals.

If you check the decals, or it might be called decorations sub folder, there is a nice tiling chain texture in there.

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RangerC - - 1,484 comments

looks awesome

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сукасука - - 685 comments


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Guest - - 699,554 comments

This pack needs to be updated to give the player a choice if they want to replace the orignal
textures with the new textures in this pack or use them as a resource.

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Revility Author
Revility - - 117 comments

Last I checked this pak does not replace the default ones. What it does have is organized material clones in a separate folder when editing. The added textures are within these sub catagories as well.
All materials listed in this new catergory are working unlike the original. This pak is more for map authors to add some new stuff to hell themed maps without much extra bloat to downloading the map.

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