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To play the new missions go on this map "cz_train01.bsp" and choose what you want to play. I'm not the author of these maps.

New Deleted Scenes Missions



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I've played through all of the new missions and thought I'd give them each a short review:

1. Bloody Rubble
Very good mission filled with dark, atmospheric environments. The arsenal is huge and does the level justice.

2. Urban Ruins
Whoever designed this got waaaaay too crazy with the RPG terrorists and machine gun terrorists. The level presents the player with countless unfair challenges and the arsenal is so big that you won't even need to use most of what you have.

3. Threat Level: Red
Very uninspired and surprisingly boring to play. Once again, it is plagued by an abundance of RPG enemies.

4. Runaway Trains
Fresh and new with unused content from Deleted Scenes which makes it feel like part of the game. It's fast paced and very exciting, with a variety of gameplay and nicely sized arsenal. By far the best new level.

5. Terrorist Retaliation
When you're rooting for the side you're fighting against, there's something wrong in the game feel.

6. In The Swamps
Is actually very atmospheric with its sound effects and terrain, and as someone who's visited jungles and rain forests before I couldn't help but feel nostalgia as I ran through these swamps. The arsenal is good (you can't go wrong with AWP) and while the difficulty was a bit too high at some points it was mostly balanced. Good level.

Although I didn't like some of these levels it was a lot of fun to play a Deleted Scenes fan-made mission pack. I'd love to see more of these. Also, this works flawlessly on Mac.

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What does '"Lost" Ritual Missions' mean?

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I think it refers to Kiltron's missions, a level designer from Ritual Entertainment whose (some of) maps were not in the final game.

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My YouTube Walkthourgh for Kiltrons and Abalones missions ►
My rating: 9

• Bloody Rubble [by Abalone]

Not the best mission from this pack but cool to play. The RPGs will get you in the dark environment no matter what you do. Kind of long but not too much to get bored. Average mission.

• Urban Ruins [by Abalone]

I really didn't enjoy this. Too long, too many RPGs, lots of areas that have to be cleared in order to proceed. You will die in this mission. A lot. It was such a release when I finally finished it (see below).

• Threat Level: Red [by Abalone]

My favorite mission from Abalone. You are a whimpy Security Guard who gets involved in a Terrorist takeover of a nuclear facility. So no more Mr. Bad-*** CT here. It was easy and enjoyable to play. It is one of the reasons I recommend you to play it. It just feels like Half Life.

• Runaway Trains [by Kiltron]

According to game files, there are some unused contents from CS:CZ available here. This mission is easy to do. I liked the idea of "runaway trains" where you have to stop them, etc like in a movie. cool mission.

• Terrorist Retaliation [by Kiltron]

COOLEST MISSION! You shoot the good guys! Also there are some easter eggs here, like Mr. Bean's face and a picture with Kiltron (there are in the office where a guy is shooting at you and there are some stairs nearby).

• In The Swamps [by Kiltron]

This looks so much like a normal Condition Zero DS mission. Reminded me of "Building Recon" from the official storyline. Great environment. Feels like a jungle.

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-Runaway trains: Awesome fast-paced level, great weapon set, fun objectives. Backtracking on the train was kinda cryptic without any hint, but that may have just been due to how I played the level and would be my only minor gripe in a nearly flawless mission. Perfect level of challenge

-Terrorist retaliation: Grueling level with cheap enemy spawns. Good weapon arsenal, but few "checkpoints" = LOTS of manual saves. Map design felt bland, almost perplexing at times, left a bit to be desired: ended up circling around the level a few times. "Objective complete" sound effect was offputting, and a bit creepy - doesn't fit with the game at all. Playing a mission as a T is a really cool concept and I wish more levels had this, although I think this mission doesn't really do it justice. Love the objectives: "Execute the hostages", "*Egnite the DNA-altering gas" xD

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-Threat level red: Super cheap enemy spawns, tons of enemies at once, many times you're pitted against RPG and snipers at long range with only a couple SMGs at your disposal. There are no listed objectives (besides the implied shoot everything that moves). A few nice platforming sections with just a couple (jump) puzzles were a nice reprieve from an onslaught of unbalanced enemies around every corner. The end of the mission was cool and climactic, albeit abrupt. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the easter eggs and the secret invincible terrorist hidden in an inaccessible corner of the map (noclip through the glass to the outdoors section, in a little tunnel). It'd be a really nice mission (very long) if it weren't for some clear balancing issues.

-In the swamps: Another unique, atmospheric mission with some really good pacing and objectives. Weapon arsenal (AWP) was good considering how many snipers there are. However, I came across big issues with draw distance, many times shooting randomly into the white fog to hit a sniper (or grenadier) I couldn't see placed across the map. Difficulty ramps up briefly towards the end, but not in a particularly grueling way. Good mission (maybe a bit short), not quite great.

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help me im replaced the file but its not working what ican do

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