CTF/FFA map by Simon 'Sock' O'Callaghan & Nikolai 'Mr. Lake' Mohilchock: "I always wanted to create a CTF map based on my last texture set, but I could not find a layout which I was happy with. Recently while browsing lvlworld and I found a gorgeous CTF map with a cool layout which I thought would look good in stone ... Evil Gemini is a small 2v2 CTF map by Mr. Lake featuring a very cool idea, the flag rooms are next to each other! This simple change allowed the game play to be less defensive and more intense with fewer places to hide. I really wanted to work with this layout and contacted Mr. Lake to see if he would mind and luckily for me he said 'By all means, please do. =)'"

Mystic Gemini (mg_final)
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