After thousands of alien invasions a group of top scientists tried to find out the source of all alien force. Where's the planet of these creatures? Some of the alien craft were noticed in the direction of Orion star system. Scientists came in the conclusion that the aliens came from Orion's star (which seems to be a planet) called Betelgeuse. EDF tryed to nuke the whole planet away but aliens' defence system was better. As a revenge of this pathetic try to kill all alienkind they decided to strike back. Remains of the alien forces attacked to earth once again. This time with new units like clone Emperors and clone Overlords. Suddenly all people started to die all over the world. It was an alien-made plague which killed about 60% of the earth's population. Those who were left started their plans against the alien army. Duke was sent to find out if there are any fellows left in the EDF's main facility...

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