Trapped inside a building with high walls. Above your head is a giant crusher supported by a pillar. Zombies will attack you from every side. The zombies are smart enough to attack the pillar in an attempt to crush you all. Your objective is to protect the pillar from the zombies and repair it if necessary. Don't forget: the crusher isn't there for decoration! (This map is compatible with rotu2beta and rotu 2.1, there might be issues with older rotu versions)


Great Idea with this Map!!!! Is it possible to double the zombie entry points? Also have 4 columns holding up the ceiling and if even 1 column is taken down, the ceiling collapses?

This type of map adds a whole new dimension to the ROTU Mod. We need many, many more maps like this!!!

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Sphere87 Author

Hello Thumper03,

There are 5 entrances already.
Previously there were six, i closed one down because it was too hard on the server we tested this map on. How hard this map is depends on the server configuration and possible rotu version (i found it hard on 2.1 but easier on 2.0) and also the number of people playing.

If it isn't hard enough, you can decrease the health of the pillar and/or the entrance barricades. If the map is too hard you can disable one or more spawns or increase the health of the pillar and/or barricades. See the readme file inside the download for further details.

I don't like the idea of having four pillars, sorry.

I have just noticed that my friend olwing has already uploaded this map two weeks ago. The readme file is missing from his download though.

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Yeah, sorry to hear that. Our server uses some pretty intense weapons so we are always looking for a map with a real challange. With only 5 entry points it is pretty easy to hold off the zombies if you have 5 players, each covering an entry point.

Still, it is a great map! Thanks for the hard work!

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yeah spehere sorry for not contact you before upload, but now file is complete i erased my upload, so this is the only one, thanks a lot for map and hope build one more like this idea, we changed ip on our rotu 2.1 server to

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