A multiplayer map for Cod4 deathrun mod on water theme. Author of map: Ali Sajjad (Steam:alisajjad / alisajjad4u) Helper: Xenon(For some custom images) Map name: mp_deathrun_water Map size: long Traps: 12 End rooms: Sniper, Knife, Shotgun, Wolf , Old , Boat Difficulty: Normal Features: *Custom Menu *Music Menu (Each player can listen their choice of music) *VIP Menu (Server's VIP can use this menu but you have to add last 8-digits of VIP player's guid in cfg file) *Editted ScoreBoard *Only activators can activate traps (Many of maps allows jumpers to activate traps) *Custom activation way of Traps *Custom Weapons *Custom Fx(Effects) *Custom Images Images : If there are any bugs then please post it here.

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