Uploaded to ModDB becasue pepole wanted it on their servers. Ive re-made the map mountainpass into a "clusterf**k format*. Your squad has set up a barricade at the end of the road to await evacuation after having killed the patriarch in the original map. You have suited the broken brige for airial evactuation and piled up sandbags to get cover. But you did not know theres more than just one patriarch... How to get the map to work(for begineers): Once you have downloaded it, extract the file from the zip folder and move it to the killing floor maps folder. Ex: (C:) / Programs / Steam / Steamapps / common / killingfloor / Maps


Failed to load 'KF-MountainPass_Defense': Can't find file for package 'KFChaingu

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burnout563 Author

okay, try to download the peak-mission map were i got the chaingun turret from :

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